Sunday, October 4, 2009


What a week! In addition to being one of the more stressful weeks that I can remember, I drove on a field trip to Warner Robbins to see the Air Force History of Flight museum. That was a wild ride!

Okay, let me rephrase that. The field trip was great. The kids behaved and many asked great questions. Love that! But, on the drive home I had a scare (with a car full of kids) of a lifetime.

I was on I-75 heading Northbound toward 475 to avoid the Macon traffic. I guess I am just over an hour or so away from home. All of a sudden, I feel sick to my stomach, hot, dizzy, and my vision fails--at highway speeds. I said a quick prayer and changed lanes until I was eventually on the right shoulder and we were all safe. I am not kidding when I say that it was the single scariest moment in my entire life. It even trumps having the emergency cesarean with DS11 so that he wouldn't undergo more stress.

Fortunately, I was able to call a colleague at the school who was able to spring into action and get in touch with other drivers and get most of the kids home safely. As I began to feel better, the other driver (a former colleague and wonderful lady) helped me to get my car off of the exit and to a safe place to stay parked. My son and a friend opted to stay with me (with parental permission of course) until my parents could come down and drive my car home. Those kids were fantastic and kept each other distracted (and me to some extent).

Doctor's offices were closed by the time I got back into town. Both of my parents have high blood pressure, so they have a machine to measure blood pressure. Since I have high blood pressure as well, we went to their house and checked mine a couple of times in the next half hour or so in order to make sure that I was okay before I went home. It was borderline high (even on my meds) so it is possible that I had a blood pressure spike due to accumulated stress. I also have had very mild opthalmic migranes and from my internet research, it seems entirely likely that a severe opthalmic migrane at the same time as a high blood pressure spike (or triggered by it) could have produced exactly the symptoms that I experienced.

Regardless, I am thrilled to report that I am feeling so much better now. I am willing to drive short distances as long as I have another driver with me (just in case). However, I am not comfortable going highway speeds right now at all. I am also not driving car loads of children around either.

Just in case.

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