Monday, April 26, 2010

Raffle Tickets

I teach at, and my kids attend, a local Christian school. We work for very low wages because we truly believe in the mission that this school has set out to accomplish for Christ.

My kids are thriving there, especially DS13, my aspie. It takes a special blend of compassion and acceptance to work with a kid like him and this school does so very well at making him feel like he is part of something bigger and that he is accepted by all staff and students alike. And he truly is accepted. That is a rare thing for an aspie. With bullying on the rise, many kids could use some acceptance at school. We don't tolerate bullying at all. We're proactive about that and it helps keep our kids and students safe.

We have no debt as a school. But, we got into a lease agreement to use a school building with a strong possibility that we could purchase the building in time. Unfortunately, due to changes in the economy, the building will come off of the market and won't be sold to anyone. Next year is our final year in "our" building.

We have located property that is wonderful and have put money down on it. We are desperately trying to raise money to pay off the land and build the building without inurring debt. Debt would make tuitions rise sharply and we are trying to keep tuition low for families that really need our school.

So, we are having an amazing raffle! Tickets are $10 each and there are numerous prizes (with more being added daily) including a week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a week at a Lake House; free tuition for a year, jewelry, and more! We are waiting confirmation on some airline tickets and possibly a car to add to the list. For a complete list (updated daily) check out our school's website here.

All that to say that if you would like to support our efforts to bring Christian education to lots of families or if you would just like to win cool prizes, let me know in a comment and I can get with you to get your ticket to you. Thanks!

Either way, we would love to have you praying for our success! Thanks!

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