Saturday, April 24, 2010

Afternoon at Dee's

Okay, I will take credit that I kind of got my Aunt into quilting. No, it's not that she was unaware of quilts or even had thought of making one, but she doesn't want to take on a huge hand quilting project, so she never had really pursued much of it.

After she admired my Crazy Shortcut Quilt, I bought her a copy of the book and answered a few questions and shared some websites that I like. Well, she has taken off and run with it, that is for sure.

Ahem. Today she rocked my socks off. Not only has she been amazingly prolific with her quilting, she was teaching me more than one thing that I didn't know and recommending some new websites!

Yikes! I have created a monster (a good one, a quilt monster)!

So, now that Dr. Who is over, I am adding extra quilting on the baby boy quilt I did recently, using the technique that she showed me. I am adding circles of quilting to add interest to an otherwise okay but not terribly inspired looking baby quilt. Glad I hadn't bound it yet!

Can't wait to finish it and see how it works out. Photos soon, I promise!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I want to see a lot of pictures and share the link love to the new sites your aunt found.

My very first quilt was a Crazy Shortcut Quilt. It was the beginning of a whole new adventure for me and I see no signs of stopping.

Are we having fun yet?? Oh, yeah!!

Marguerita said...

Hee hee! Good job! Can we get her to start a blog too? Oh, I can't wait to see the pics *!*