Saturday, April 24, 2010

Time to stop?

Have you ever sewn or quilted late into the night and didn't stop until you heard that small, nagging something that convinced you that you might be better off with a little sleep.

Tonight, it was the machine needle breaking and leaping into my left index finger. For some reason that made me think to call it quits for tonight.

One small part of a seam came apart. I tacked it back together by hand, but I am worried about it. The flannel fabric will tend to ravel and baby quilts are laundered alot.

I am going to have to ponder this one. Funny how I thought I was done with this one, but like it so much better now with the extra stitching.

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Marguerita said...

Ouch - yes, I've had a similar experience. Hope you are okay and glad you like your quilt even more. When I teach machine quilting I always say "if it doesn't look right, there's not enough quilting."