Friday, May 25, 2007

A Proud Day

Last night was bittersweet. We held our graduation and turned a wonderful group of kids out into the wide world. I shouldn't be partial, but I am way more attached to this particular group of kids than I have ever been with any other group. I will miss these kids, although I am really proud of them and I do believe that they are ready to go out into the world.

But, I cried.

I guess I realize how hard the knocks are that these kids will have to take in their adult lives. It's not going to be easy. But, it will be worth it. I foresee such great possibilities for this group. They are truly a talented bunch. Gosh, I am going to miss them.

Truett Cathy was our commencement speaker and he did an AWESOME job! He tells it like he sees it and he even encouraged the students to remember some important points:
Sexual purity counts
It's okay to actually LIKE your work
It's okay to work hard
The most important decision (other than being a Christian) you'll make is who to make your spouse.
God calls all of us to different things--find that calling.

In a world where it's not okay to dare tell biblical truths out loud, Truett Cathy is a hero. I was proud for my kids and students to hear these truths. I don't know how on Earth we'll ever find another commencement speaker who can match this!

Our musical performances were outstanding as well. Leslie and Damien are so blessed with song and they sang their hearts out for us.

So, as much as I will miss these kids, I am so honored to have known this group. Here's to the class of 2007 (my chicken class!). I love you guys (Valedictorian Jade, Saluditorian Hannah, STAR student Aaron, Meg, Tabby, Lauren C., Tara, Amanda, Curtis, Wesley, Daniel, Lauren W., and Dana)! Godspeed.

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