Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Star Teacher--WOW!

Okay, just about the time I think that I have a handle on all possible contingencies, I am thrown a curve. At Honors Day today, my best friend's son, Aaron, was named as our school's STAR Student for the highest SAT score in a single sitting. It's quite an honor to receive.

I was totally unprepared that he would choose me for his STAR Teacher. I am completely honored to be chosen (I have never received any sort of award for my teaching before). It is humbling to know that maybe something I have done has made a difference somehow.

The best part is that he picked me because he said that he had to work harder for me than for anyone else. I must admit, that part made me happy! If I am really doing my job and pushing for excellence, my classes should be tough--very tough.

It's not often that as either a Mom or as a Teacher, that I am not being blamed for something that has happened. Today, I got blamed for doing a good job. How 'bout that?

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