Saturday, July 7, 2007

Doctor's visit

I saw the Nurse Practitioner yesterday and we talked a great deal about the anxiety symptoms that I have developing as well as metabolic issues. She agreed that I should be seriously dropping weight with the amount of exercise I am getting and the calories that I am taking in. I feel somewhat vindicated now. I really thought that I was working awfully hard for the small losses that I am experiencing. She also is going to try and help me find the answer to my hair loss issues. I don't know that anything much can be done, but at least I will know for sure.

I go in to the doctor's office early on Monday and get fasting blood work done. The Nurse Practitioner is running lots of tests to see what can be reasonably done to bump up my metabolism. I am already taking synthetic thyroid hormone and it may be time to increase my dosage.

I am on a different anti-depressant for now. I am to try it for 3-4 weeks to determine how effective it is at this dosage. If all goes well, I may be a good candidate for shots to help maximize my liver function. This may help to boost my metabolism by allowing fat to be mobilized out of my system faster. There are some other options. We'll discuss those when I go back for my follow up visits.

I guess the story is that there is some hope on the horizon. With any luck (and prayers) my weight loss will be appropriate for the amount of work I am putting into this. The less weight I have hanging on my joints for the 3-day, the better off I will be.

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