Friday, July 20, 2007

A little help from my Mom

It's really kind of unbelievable--really too good to be true. I have lost weight again, overnight. I have now lost 37.4 pounds. Believe it or not, this whole thing with breaking the plateau and all is my Mom's fault.

She called me a couple of days ago and told me about an article that she had seen in a magazine while waiting in line to check out at the local grocery store. It talked about a person who had a metabolic imbalance. Supplementing her diet with digestive enzymes allowed her to lose a significant amount of weight after really struggling with it for a very long time. Mom knew that my Aspie takes digestive enzymes to help him with stomach aches, constipation, etc.

She told me about the story and asked me if I had ever considered taking enzymes myself. I explained that I knew it wouldn't hurt me as long as they are plant-derived. But, even though I had read books about enzyme therapy when determining whether to try them with my son, I had never read anything that made the connection between supplementation and weight loss.

So, being the computer nerd that I am, I immediately did a Google search with my Mom on the phone (Love DSL!) and began reading articles that I found. It became very clear, very quickly that it was certainly possible that this could be helpful for certain folks. I determined a reasonable supplementation schedule (had a bit of experience with that part due to my son) and started that very evening. That was Wednesday night.

All that I have changed in my diet and exercise plans is adding the enzymes with water. So far, I am going to the bathroom way more than I used to and I feel a tad more energetic. It really seems like it is causing my system to be able to flush out the fat. It's a dumb analogy, but I really think that I have spending this time eating well and exercising to "prime the well-pump" so to speak. Now I am waiting for the water to flow and flow and flow.

Even if this is a short lived phenomenon, I am going to ride it until the wheels fall off and enjoy every minute of it!

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