Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Okay, this post is a day late (and a dollar short), but I did not want to let the 4th of July go by without comment. It's all too easy to forget the meaning of this holiday and to use it as an excuse to have a cookout.

We had a very low-key day and topped it off with the local fireworks show. It was nice. The boys laughed and carried on. They have been going over the Granny's house to play with some local kids who have turned out to be very nice kids. It's wonderful to see my boys (especially my oldest with Asperger's) get out and play appropriately with other kids and be a little bit carefree.

Today, I walked with Misty for 6 miles. It felt really good. Misty walked 10 miles yesterday and I need to do the same before the end of the weekend. Hope it doesn't make me sick like the 8 miles last weekend did. I am kind of dreading it for that reason.

Tomorrow, I will go to see my doctor to discuss changing my anti-depressant medication. I think it's time. Then, I will meet hubby to go to the intake interview for my oldest's son's educational testing. I will be glad to get this process underway and get more information.

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