Saturday, July 28, 2007

Trauma and more trauma

This week has been a rough one. My youngest son's beloved Hamster, Donnie, died. Then, our puppy (bloodhound/coonhound mix) attacked our smaller dog. Scary. I realize that it's the hunting instinct coming out in her and that our small dog is about the size of a small cat (or coon, or large rabbit, etc.). So, we are put in the sad position of finding a new home for a dog that me and the kids really love. As far as being around people goes, Savannah is a joy with a sweet, calm temperament. But, she is going to kill Daisy if we are not very careful. So, a dear friend is helping us to find a good home for her. It will be sad, though.

We are getting geared up for a week of beach time. Each year, we meet my best friend and her family in the Georgia keys for a week that revolves around kids and casual fun. I look so forward to it and so do my hubby and boys.

Hubby is taking pictures at a wedding in Macon, Georgia today. Hoping that the photography business begins to take off with more regular work. He is so talented. I know that people will be thrilled with his images. It's an exciting time.

I am also gearing up for fundraising for the 3-day walk. I am about halfway to my goal and I really will feel much better when my $2,200 is all turned in. So, I am sending out more letters and am working to make sure that our Crop for the Cure is a success.

Today, we walked 13 miles to get ahead of the training schedule. That way, I don't have to do a long slog of a walk alone in a strange place. We had to leave at 5 am to avoid it being too hot and muggy to safely walk. It will only be worse at the coast.

Good news: our renters may want to buy the house they are leasing from us. That would be a major blessing in our lives. Pray for us!

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