Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a difference

a new building makes. It's created a whole new attitude about the school year among the staff. And it seems to be showing up in several of the students as well.

We've had a few minor glitches with the first couple of days, but nothing insurmountable.

Today, my car broke down on the way to school, so I wasn't there, but I talked to my sub and all seemed to go mostly well. Students got lockers today, so they will be happy (as soon as folks learn to be comfortable with the built in locks).

My DS12 got a locker for the first time and he is so excited about it. It's been really cute hearing him talk about it. It's a nice diversion from being constantly irritated by his knee brace.

With any luck, I can make it in to work tomorrow morning and my car will be okay. Wish me luck.

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