Monday, January 19, 2009

When I said that I wanted a break...

I didn't mean for the whole family to get sick over our long weekend and prevent us from enjoying our time together! Sheesh!

It appears that we have caught a minor flu bug. It's enough to make us miserable for about 2 days and then just tired feeling after that. We all had it, but DS12 fought it off in a couple of hours. DS10 in about a day. Now it's just me and hubby that are still feeling it. But, we both are much better than we were yesterday. No fever, etc. So, hubby went on to work. But, I am sure he will be dragging around by the time he makes it home tonight.

The boys are miffed at me because I told them that I would take them to a matinee movie if I was feeling better (and I am not). They understand, but are disappointed, of course.

Well, back to school tomorrow and into the daily grind.

Now to find something to put into the crock pot for dinner tonight. Hmmm.

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