Monday, January 19, 2009

The (frugal) things I learn!

Here's a cheap-0 tip that I wish I had known years ago. It helps to dry up and cure cold sores (as well as the Abreva that I have religiously purchased since it came on the market--and it's pricey).

When I get sick and run down, I turn to Abreva to cure the nasty little cold sores that I get in the corners of my mouth and the one little perennial which pops up on the top left side of my mouth. The little one clears up quickly and easily. The ones in the corners of my mouth will spread and grow, getting crusty and very sore. If left unchecked, it appears that my lips are trying to expand back into my cheeks--gross!

So, the other night when I ran out of Abreva, I went to the computer and looked for home remedies for cold sores. I figured that as long as they didn't get worse until I could get to the store, then I would be happy.

After looking at several options, I found one that suggested putting Vick's salve (or the equivalent) on the sores. The major ingredients are similar to Campho-phenique (which is often recommended for cold sores) but the vaseline like base holds the medicine in place for a longer period of time. Since I had Mentholatum (same difference, right), I put it on the sores at bedtime. It did sting some, but not for long. When I woke up, the swelling was down and there was no oozing and scabbing. Basically, it worked as well as, or better than, Abreva for a single usage!

I've continued using Mentolatum and the results continue to impress me. I really do think that I won't be buying Abreva any longer. Not only does this method work better for me, it's loads cheaper.

The last time I bought Abreva, it was $17.89 for a little, tiny pump bottle (that you can't finesse to get the very last drop out--ugh). I don't know what I paid for the Mentholatum since I bought it over a year ago. But I am sure it was loads less than $17! Plus, the little tub of stuff lasts way longer than the Abreva, too. It's a win-win situation.

And I am starting to look less like the Joker....

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