Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quiet weekend.

After my CT scan on Saturday morning, we have pretty much had a calm and relaxing weekend.

Well, as calm and relaxing as it can be for a mom sitting in a filthy house.

But, the weekends are the only times when I can rest and try to fight off this lousy lung junk. I no longer know what to call it, so lung junk will have to do.

A friend who used to work in radiology tells me that I will have my results likely by Tuesday afternoon. I look forward to finding out what I can do to put this three month adventure behind me.

As for the family... DS12 is moving his knee very well in his knee brace. We'll do PT for him on Thursday afternoon for the first time. Should be interesting.

DS10 is really feverish today and feels lousy. Doubt he'll make it to school tomorrow. Fortunately, Granny is at the ready to be the comforter.

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