Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Latest

Well, DS12 has been running a fever. Just a virus, but he is miserable.
DS10 is just getting over the virus, but his comes with horrible asthma attacks.
Now hubby is coming down with it.

My CT scan came back normal and with no congestion (huh?). However, they did located some small gall stones so I can look forward to surgery one day.

All they can tell me is that it must be a virus and to let them know if it gets worse. Great.
I did ask the doctor if there is no lung congestion, what is it that I am coughing up? She didn't know. Probably a virus. Maybe I am getting better and the large amount of congestion that I had is smaller now and doesn't show up anymore.

Love it.

But, I am resting and working on a few new crafty things which always makes me happy. I love to watch a project come together. It's a very satisfying feeling after parenting and teaching all week (where it can be years before you see the final results of your hard work--sometimes you never get to see it).

Anyway, I surely hope that you and yours are well.

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