Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nearing the finish line!

When we left my classroom at 8 pm tonight, it was really starting to appear to be pulled together. Valences were hung and blinds, too. The walls were painted and desks were in place.

Early in the day, my mom (who was helping out) insisted that we trade out all of the desks in my room for blue ones, for a more cohesive look with my color scheme (mocha, sand, and blue). I truly thought that she had lost her mind, or at least was kidding.

She wasn't. I hauled and drug and toted desks all over that building to find 16 blue ones. And they weren't the same style or the same blue either, but they were blue--by golly!

But, it is coming together nicely. Tomorrow, I will hang a few things on the wall and do a bit of touch up painting, so that will be done. I need to get my final grades together and begin writing lesson plans also.

So much for taking a break over Christmas....

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