Sunday, November 15, 2009

Currently working on...

I am continuing to work on the hand quilting project. I just keep plugging along. I haven't sewn on it at all today because I have had a bit of an odd headache, like a visual migraine trying to begin. It never really got started, but I haven't been comfortable doing much reading, much computer work, or much hand sewing because it takes lots of careful visual acuity to help me to guide the needle in (nearly) straight lines.

I did work on the first blocks for the "Asian Inspired" quilt in Crazy Shortcut Quilts by Margarita McManus and Sarrah Raffuse. Of course, I can't just leave well enough alone, so mine is not asian in any respect. I am using some Moda fabric that came out of a kit that I bought probably about 3 years ago. At any rate, it was long enough ago that I lost the directions that came with it! The colors are similar to Thimbleberries colors, dark reds, tans, greens, blacks, and such. Gorgeous, stylized prints that are country inspired but maybe a touch of 19th century folk art inspiration, but not primitive at all.

The block is clean and spare and a little bit modern looking. Love that the pieces are large so that the beauty of some of the prints will really stand out. I will do the quilt as you go part in black to make the colors pop. Dividing strips will be black as well. I am thinking of using one of the prints in the top to make the binding. Can't decide between that and the black. We'll see.

I did purchase a special backing for this quilt. I purchased extra wide "distressed and stained" muslin for the backing. It works well with the tans on the front of the quilt. It's going to be a fun juxtaposition from the spare, modern block and the very old looking prints and backing. This backing would make anything look really old.

I imagine that I will go back and forth between my two projects as time and energy allows, but I am pretty sure that the quilt that I am piecing will go so quickly that it will be done by Thanksgiving or very soon after.

Hopefully, I can recharge my cell phone and take some photos tomorrow.

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