Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yeah, BABY!

After much consternation and internet hunting, I found a few websites about simple sewing machine repairs that I was able to glean some information from.  No one site had all that I needed.  I had to read for quite a while to wrap my non-mechanical mind around.  

But, I was able to fix one of my sewing machines, my Euro-Pro.  It is my spare, but I am so glad to have anything working right now, I can't even see straight.  Plus, since I don't have any spare money to have either machine worked on, it's even better that I learned to do it myself.

I basted an earlier quilt top for quilting and I am going to try and begin quilting it tonight with the techniques that my Aunt shared with me.  It will be divided into large blocks with large flowers quilted into the blocks.  Perfect for a baby girl's quilt, don't you think?

I am so excited!  I am quilter, hear me roar!