Sunday, October 14, 2007

Boys and Haircuts

Okay, the boys have gotten downright scraggly in the last couple of weeks, but it finally got so bad that I could ignore it no further. So, I broke down and (finally) handed out 40 minutes or so of "threats and haircuts." It's not that I am being mean, it's just that my kids can sit perfectly still for half an hour in front of a professional hairstylist, but they can't sit still for more than 30 seconds for me. The threats sound something like one or more of the following:
I am NOT going to cut your ear off
Sit still. I can't do a good job if you're moving.
Don't move your head.
If you don't sit still, I will cut your ear off--but it will be your own fault
Stop whining
I did NOT poke you with the scissors, but I just might if you don't hush.
Sit still!
Hold you head still or you'll have a freakish haircut!
Did I mention, sit still--or else?

Okay, I have never claimed to have the market cornered on great parenting skills, but this one thing really tries my patience. I love the goomers and I hate it when they look scraggly and unkept so haircuts will be a recurrent issue. Plus, the professionals aren't open tomorrow and I saved $$$.

By the way, the boys actually look really nice and respectable. Looks can be deceiving....

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