Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pondering Christmas ideas...

It's that time of year again when I get antsy trying to figure out ideas for Christmas gifts that won't break the bank. As usual, once the panic passes, then I am usually caught up in the creative spirit. I never seem to have enough time to get enough crafty stuff completed, but absolutely LOVE making gifts instead of just buying them.

Of course, I do stupid stuff like talk to the gifts as I make them, giggle over them, and such--but that's my sick state of mind and I end up having a really great time with it all. Plus, it's a help to the budget that I can usually make things that end up being more sentimental or valuable than just the sum of the materials that I have put together.

So, now I just have to decide what to do. I have lots of yarn on hand, so projects that use that up would be a winner. I have recently taught myself to crochet and have done enough knitting in one sitting to give myself tendonitis one year... (have I mentioned that I am an all or nothing kind of gal???). So, there are options there.

I have fabric around (boy, do I ever have fabric, but that is another story/storage nightmare) so quilted gifts are an option. I have done some machine quilting in the past for smaller pieces and it turned out well. Large quilts inevitably get bunched up on the back when I try to work with them. I'm still working on fixing that one. So, Christmas pillows and decorations are big hits with my family (we have several Santa collectors). Table runners are usually easy and quick to complete. Placemats, pot holders, with matching napkins are pretty easy also. Hmmm... there are options here also.

I could take up excess fabric and crochet a rug from it. If I have enough in the right colorways, then that is a great, inexpensive gift.

I have been enamored with the idea of gift baskets full of mixes in a jar and such. Maybe a meal theme would work well for that (soup in a jar, salad dressing mix, brownies in a jar, etc.). I used to do lots of gift baskets with home canned jams and jellies. I haven't been able to can so much these last couple of years, so that is not terribly likely. But, the mixes might work also.

I have found a website that shows how to crochet a decorative edging around fabric items and that can be really nice. Since hubby bought me the set of nice crochet hooks, I have the small ones that can punch through an evenweave fabric. So, a nice edging on pillowcases is an option. I could even do some embroidery work on them first to add more color.

There is a monthly sale at the Sock Shoppe in Griffin, GA which often has wonderful, fluffy towels at bargain prices ($1 for regular towels, $3 for bath sheets which could really be cut into 2 ample kids towels). When (if) you can find good, neutral colors, they can be embellished easily with trims and ribbons to look spectacular.

Hmmm... Decisions, decisions. Did I mention that panic sets in before I can settle into my crafting???

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