Saturday, October 13, 2007

I have (had) a chili dog...

Our dog, Daisy, is half terrier and half mini-dacshund. She is currently living with Granny and Grandpa because she has two major issues. The first is that she has the world's smallest bladder and pees all over everything--constantly. At the grandparent's house, Granny is home during the day to let her out often. The second issue is that the poor thing is so cold natured that she is constantly shivering.

So, I have made her two little prototype dog clothing pieces to keep her warm. Am I a sucker or what? The first is a half granny square with ties that she can wear like a shawl. The other is a long rectangle with a ruffle over the butt and loops to put her front legs through. I will have to post pictures if I can ever get some of her wearing her new duds.

We went into a pet store lately, and they were selling all sorts of dog clothes at outrageous prices. At least these could be made from yarn left overs and some time.

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