Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Christmas ideas...

I saw on a blog that Bev Qualheim has (she is from of an idea that I had seen before but forgotten about. It is a jar or decorative piece of glasswork layered with Christmas lights and potpourri. The top is covered with a doily and tied with ribbon. When plugged in, the lights heat up the potpourri and give off a lovely scent. It's a good Christmas gift, but can be left out year round.

Another idea is a gift that I received last year from Margaret (a teaching colleague and friend). It is a glass brick with a hole drilled in it (hubby can handle that part). It is filled with white Christmas lights and tied up like a present with a lovely wired ribbon. Under the tree, it looks like a gift that glows. Very cool and the ribbon can be changed to match occasions or decors. It could be left out year round if decorated correctly. I suppose you could add some silk or dried flowers to the bow also for a more victorian feel.

Now, I have more to consider. Hmmm. I LOVE sparkly gifts.

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bevq said...

Thanks for mentioning the Christmas Jar Lights idea on your blog. Your readers can find the idea on my website in the Christmas area
or on my blog