Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another craft project

This is, admittedly, a lousy picture of one of my craft projects that I did with my kids. I used a frame from Dollar Tree (where everything is $1). It was a shadow box with a metal charm in the center. I pulled that stuff out (and saved the charm for future projects) and re-used the frame. It is about 6 inches square and a nice, satin black finish.

Inside I put a piece of scrapbook paper in soft blue with a nice pattern. In the center, I affixed (with foam tape) a sand dollar that we found (already dead) during our vacation last summer. We bleached and strengthened the sand dollar ourselves.

The boys gave this to our Headmaster, who has her office decorated in a beach theme. She loved it and it probably cost me, all total, less than $1.50. That's pretty cool in my book.

We made 4 more and they are hanging in the boy's bathroom as a grouping, 2 on either side of each window. The background of these are a green color.

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