Monday, November 3, 2008

Sick kid

DS12 succumbed to the stress of the field trip (and falling face first into really cold ocean water) and has a massive cold. I kept him home today to force him into resting and irrigating his nose several times to try and force out the worst of it. I am not willing to sit back and passively watch him set up a sinus infection and go through months of trying to clear it up again. And, don't even mention surgery! Ugh!

So, we had a very low key day today with kiddo mad at me most of the time for making him rest and drink cinnamon tea (like that is really torture!) and irrigate his nose. Nice to know that I am creating the memories that will put him into a lifetime of therapy (if you believe him).

It's amazing how far he has come in so many ways, but the autism really shows it's face when he is sick. There is no filter when he is feeling unwell.

We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

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