Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Youth for Truth...

Okay, it has honestly taken me a while to recover from the Youth Night Rally. Whew!

We met at 8:30 am to clean the gym which smelled, honestly, like a mixture of dirty rear ends mixed with old sweat socks. When I left at 1 pm for lunch and a break for my foot, it smelled pretty darn good.

Hubby got all of the rust out the toilets. I thought grown women would cry over that one as many have tried.... They just don't have access to the heavy duty industrial cleaners that hubby has. He also brought fragrance to spray around the gym which helped a great deal.

We returned at 4 pm and set up our t-shirt booth. We had a good crowd and everyone was in a great mood, ready to praise and worship! The music was absolutely delightful and energetic and Shep's preaching, as always, was Godly and wonderful. The best part was the positive response at the end of the evening.

We left exhausted and edified. I wish we had sold more t-shirts, but I think that a few more will sell when we return to school, plus we may list them on ebay. I will keep you posted.

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