Thursday, November 6, 2008

Local School Board

The private school that I work for is looking for a new location. We are cramped in a too small facility and are paying high rent. There is an abandoned school building that we may be able to lease for less money than we are currently paying. Plus, we'll have more room. No more kids in trailers. No more having to schedule 5 or more lunches because we can't squeeze any more kids in the lunchroom at one time. A library with room for books appropriate for middle and high school. We have a library, but it is so small that it houses encyclopedias and elementary school books.

Sadly, we have loads of great books for middle and high school, but no where to house them except at our headmaster's home. It's a shame.

The local school board is going on a retreat this upcoming week and will vote on November 11th. I hope and pray that we can do this. I have already sent my letter to the board asking them to consider this. The school has sent out a letter asking for support from our parents who live in Spalding County.

If you live in Spalding County, Georgia, please contact your school board representative and encourage them to vote FOR Faith Christian Academy to lease the building on Flynt Street. Let me know if you need the contact information. Also, even if you don't live in the area, please pray for us. Thanks

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