Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's official!!!

My kiddos rock! I am so proud of my kids--they both placed in our school science fair. They worked hard on their projects (and did them themselves) and gave a great presentation.

This is DS10 with his project. Note the critter keepers in front with our toad test subjects. He hypothesized that toad respiration would change with the temperature in the water that they were in at the time. He was right!

This is DS12 with his project. He hypothesized that since he knew the components of a battery, that he could substitute a lemon for the acid paste and the battery would still work. He did it all himself and gave the presentation. Remember, this is my aspie and this was WAY harder for him than for the other kids his age. He placed, get this, 2nd place in the entire 7th grade, not just among the special ed students!!! I am one very proud mama! He has come such a long way!

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