Saturday, August 1, 2009

Economic Update

Just when it feels like things can't get much worse economically (and yes, I know I am whining, I don't think this is like the great depression or anything), they usually do. Lately, we have a renter who has stopped paying rent. She makes an effort to catch up but stays significantly behind. Since that property is mortgaged and we need to hold on to it to get our equity out one day in a stronger economy, that hurts our finances a lot.

Worse still, I have to all but threaten her to get any money out of her. I am not an ogre, but I expect to either get paid or to receive a timely explanation of why a renter may need some more time. But, I don't receive either--EVER, so it upsets me. I hate having to deal with it, but I guess it is a necessary thing. Yuck.

Two weeks ago, I told her (and sent a certified letter to the same effect) that June and July had to be caught up and August paid in full by midnight on August 1st. Well is is 10:50 pm EST and, of course, we haven't received a thing. We'll check the mailbox again on the way to church in the morning, but I am not holding out high hopes.

So, on Monday, while I am at school, hubby (who is really acting depressed about this whole thing) is going to have to stop by Magistrate court and start the eviction process. Of course, this costs money and does not help with our finances one bit. The renter is supposed to pay all of our court costs, but even if we get a judgment, we will have to try and rent the house in a lousy economy and who knows if the money will ever materialize.

It makes me angry, because twice in our marriage we have had rental property and we have NEVER had someone who is insistent on staying in the house and not paying rent. I really wish we could sell it, but that seems unlikely right now.

Of course, in the middle of this, my car has decided to have a few minor problems. Okay, minor problems that promptly became the need for a new engine, which we definitely can't afford, partially due to the rental issues. Of course, it doesn't seem prudent to put much money into a 1996 model vehicle with almost 400,000 miles on it, so it really seemed that we were up the proverbial creek there for awhile.

Blessedly, my parents were able to loan me my mother's 1998 Mountaineer to use as a reliable replacement in the meantime, but I hate to feel like I am mooching off of them. They are struggling as much as we are in this economy and they are retired (kind of) and trying to pay for my brother's college expenses. It's really hard.

But, my parents mentioned a while back that they would likely sell the Mountaineer due to the costs of maintaining two vehicles. Hubby went to them and offered to buy it from them for a fair price. So, we have a vehicle, which I will share with my Mom and we can pay as we can and have it paid for in about six months or so, but they will be a tight six months.

Plus, soon after we borrowed the Mountaineer, the fan for the a/c died and we haven't been able to figure out how to fix it ourselves. Sigh. It's only tropical and sticky weather around here. Ironically, the a/c in my old, trashed car is in excellent shape.

Monday morning, DS11 gets three teeth pulled and sealants put on his six year molars. By the end of the month, he will start with his braces and we will have to make the large (to us) downpayment to get this started.

What a wonderful time to have to purchase a used vehicle. Sigh.

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Henriette said...

Hey there. I'm just writing to let you know, that I too a'm living with a child who has aspergers. I'ts difficult and we are still struggeling with the fact, that she will never quite be functioning as well in society, as the rest of us. The diagnose i resently, so we are at the beginning of the treatment she needs to recieve.

Many warm greetings from Henriette
Denmark. :-))