Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yuck! Snot is definitely not my favorite thing in the whole wide words. But, after having a kid with sinus problems that eventually required a complete surgical restructuring of the sinus cavities and openings, I have seen more than my fair share.

Nasal irrigation seems to be the best way to see it in quantity. While DS11 is slowly getting over his infections, DS12 is still battling horrid amounts of congestion, even with prescription decongestants to dry it up and prevent further sinus damage. Tonight it was dark green with tinges of brown. And there was a shocking quantity of it--and I am a pro with this junk!!! Looks like we're calling the on call doctor in the morning! We'll irrigate one more time, when he wakes up, just to be sure, but if there is anything funky going on in there, I want it nipped in the bud.

Snot. Ick.

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