Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting ready for week 2

Well this weekend has been both productive and enjoyable around here. Lots of laundry accomplished. Eddie repaired my clothes line that fell and tightened up the second one. Now to put up a third. He also did a lot of yard work.

My house is a disorganized wreck, but it is not that we haven't worked on it, but it is coming right along and will be fine as my foot and fanny heal! Speaking of fannies, mine has been particularly sore this weekend, so I did mostly cooking, laundry, and dishwasher duty--you know, the stuff that keeps us able to function.

I also broke out an old scrap afghan project to work on again. It was just a way to use up some old yarn and scraps, but it is turning out nicely and will be the perfect size to put on our bed this winter. This is especially good since the 22 year old quilt that my great-aunt Enid made for me is beginning to show irreparable wear. I need to put it on a rack or hang it up or something because I don't want it to fall apart. It's been on our bed ever since we got married and is the absolute softest thing in the world. Sigh.

We've definitely put the reigns on spending. Payday is the 15th (hallelujah, I am getting paid again) and it's been very tight around here. We have been cooking more and eating more healthfully in the bargain. Staying closer to home has meant that we are spending more time as a family and getting a bit more done around here these days.

Of course, the boys are just plain mad that we are being even more tightfisted than usual around here. They'll get over it of course, but they are surly! DS11 will go outside and play, but only if someone goes with him. DS12 is not about to exert himself for any reason. He drives me crazy with that. We even had a wonderful little outside dog who we gave away because the boys wouldn't go outside to play with her. I just don't get that.

When I was a kid (an only child), I would go outside just to climb a tree and read a good book in the shade. I played in the hydrangea bush. I pulled camellia petals off of the flowers so I would have pretty pink snow in January. Yes, I am a Southern gal and that's the most snow I have really ever had, but it was lovely!

I can't figure out this lackadaisical nature in DS12. Maybe I never will.

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