Monday, August 17, 2009

More on the economy

Seems like every week, we hear about more private schools closing. It makes sense actually, as incomes are reduced, belts are tightened and non-essential expenditures are the first to go. But, it saddens me because some of these schools were really good schools.

It scares me because our school could (theoretically) be next. Our administrators are diligent about our budget and I know that they are doing any and every thing humanly possible to prevent it, but we never really know what the future can bring.

It saddens me because I am very attached to my school! My kids are learning so much there and I am able to really TEACH and not just babysit. I know that the kids we serve are being served well and taught about Christ. If anything happens to our school, it will be more than an economic loss, it will be the loss on many levels.

But, like we tell the kids so often, sometimes you have to let go and let God...

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