Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

While 2009 had it's ups and downs, I remain very hopeful for a bright and shiny new 2010!

On the up side, 2009 brought us more Bible reading, a return to quilting (my first crafty love), and bird banding for two of the guys in my life (DS11 wants to study ornithology). We've had lots of chances to learn new things and expand our kiddo's horizons. Good stuff.

On the down side, my brother's catastrophic accident, my dad falling on the stairs, my throwing out my back (last night), my car dying a horrible, non-repairable death, many economic woes, renters who leave without paying, etc., Nothing horrible, but not good stuff.

So, on we go to 2010. A friend loaned me a good book to read. I have good projects in the works. I am making pillowcase kits to make up for a state-wide charity. I have lots of things in the works that I can feel really good about.

Here's wishing you a warm and happy new year, full of possibilities (and a major Happy Birthday to Bev)!!!!

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