Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quilting Guilds, A Silver Thimble, Strip Clubs, etc

I am in a quandry and wondered if anyone out there had any advice for me.

I am having difficulty finding a quilt guild that I can reliably attend due to my job. There are some options, but evening meetings at my school can tend to be rescheduled at short notice, especially if a sporting event is on the same night or time. Attendance is mandtory for some of these meetings, so it can be a problem to plan around them.

A quilt shop in the next county has a strip club that meets monthly and is starting A Silver Thimble club in January 2010. Would either of these be a reasonable substitute for a guild? Should I just pursue the guild with the understanding that my attendance will be sporadic at certain times of the year? What about expenses? Money is tight and Strip Club and A Silver Thimble would conceivably cost more.

On the flip side, the Strip Club would keep me working on lots of gorgeous quilts, many in patterns/fabrics that I might not have otherwise tried. Plus, there is comeraderie that I would enjoy. A Silver Thimble membership offers 5 hours per month of instruction with quilt kits available (if desired) which could encourage me to be braver about trying new techniques, etc. as there is an instructor to help me out if I get in a bind. Plus, there are 3 potential time slots that I can attend each month.

If you could choose only one. Which would YOU choose?

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miz lizzie said...

My suggestion is get brave and join a quilt guild. I joined the one in my area with the biggest membership.I liked the idea of more people to carry the load. I didn't know anyone at the time quilting. Now I have a wealth of quilting friends. The dues are $20I know it's a real deal compared to some guilds now. A guild can offer workshops, speakers, and show and tell is always inspirational (or just plain depressing to know that women that don't work have more time to do more quilting.) A larger guild usually has mini groups to join. Also the benefit of a lending library, discounts at quilt shops and travel. I can always enroll in a class, strip club or go on a retreat, but I have found so many new opportunties in my quilt guild.