Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Lurking in the shadows, we find my White Chocolate quilt blocks after the second round of sewing. Why in the shadows? Simply because they are a tad upset that they have been neglected this long.

But, with any luck, one more round and they will regain their glory, trying out various and sundry arrangements before deciding how they would like to be seen in a permanent quilt top.

Sheesh! Some times it is so difficult to keep them all happy.

All kidding aside, Silver Thimble in McDonough meets again this Friday and I would really like to be able to take a completed top to show off. Okay, maybe I am being a little too pushy since I am taking my Strawberry Pie to show off the hand quilting that I have done on it. So, if I have a quilt top to show, fine. If not, oh well, I may be able to quilt it during the month and take it back next month. We'll see.

I purchased gorgeous batting for this lovely. It is chocolate brown with delicate peach roses on it! I got it on sale, to boot and that makes it even better! So old fashioned and gorgeous. Ahhh. Makes me happy to just think about it. I would like to quilt old fashioned baptist fans across it to see if I can keep with the feel of the quilt. Hours and hours of pleasant entertainment.

I love the look of older quilts. They often have so much interest in them with the quilt patterns that go across the top and are not limited to blocks and piecing lines. I want to try doing something similar.

I am concerned about trying to quilt across all of the seam lines, but this pattern should be fairly forgiving and the "big stitch" look could be perfect for the look I am going for. I could even use a strand of metallic bronze DMC thread with a big stitch to try and make it interesting. Bronze should be lighter than my dark fabrics and darker than my lights, so it would show up on both.

Any thoughts???? Suggestions?

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