Friday, February 12, 2010

There is white stuff falling from the Georgia skies....

This is mudman. He is a Georgia snowman. He is distinct from snowmen in other regions because he comes with his own, ahem, "Mossy Oak" camouflage. He definitely clings to his redneck roots, so to speak....
These two gorgeous boys are mudman's proud creators. This was truly a labor of love, although we couldn't convince them to wait for more snow to actually make a more traditional looking snow creature.

The view down our driveway. I love living in the "sticks."

Where we have been in a drought for so many years, I can't even remember the last time it has snowed this much (which really isn't very much compared to most places). I am sure going to enjoy it until it's gone.
Our bird feeders have become a hub of furious activity and we have enjoyed watching them from the windows (as well as from outside). The colorful birds show up well against the snow.
Now, I am returning to my quilt for awhile. It certainly should be finished up this week. I have baby quilts to work on next. Got a good deal on some flannel today. Love that!

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