Monday, February 15, 2010

What can you do with....

A genuine bargain from A Scarlet Thread in McDonough, Georgia? This is a flannel bundle in sweet, little girl colors. This store has oodles of these bundles in various color ways, flannel, quilting cottons, with center panels, without center panels, just all kinds of goodies! The deal is that these are first quality quilting cottons. Get this, 5--1 yard cuts for $30! Normally, most fabrics sell for $8.95 per yard unless they are on special sale or clearance or something. This works out to $6 per yard! For good quality fabrics, no less!!!

My bundle is becoming almost a full 3 baby quilts. I will make 3 tops using this pattern:

3 1 yard cuts of fabric will yield 3 simple quilt tops. I have 2 1 yard pieces reserved for the backings for 2 of them. The other will wait for a suitable backing, etc.

I have cut out the pieces for all 3 quilts, but now I have taken Ny-Quil for my raging cold, so no sewing (or operating heavy machinery) until morning!

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