Saturday, March 20, 2010


Okay, I was excited with National Quilting Day and having a little something quilt related to show for it. I stopped to check out some of the blogs that I follow and WOW!!!

I was so excited when I checked out the bog for Abbey Lane Quilts here. They are holding an absolutely awesome giveaway!!! I am so excited about the little Abbey bags that are a pincushion/snippets bag combo! They are so CUTE!!!

Second prize is patterns. How can you go wrong???

They are also now on facebook and want friends. Hey, I like friends! I like making friends!

Anyway, I think that YOU would love to get in on this, too--so check out their patterns at !

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Janice and Marcea said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments. Good Luck in the contest at Abbey Lane Quilts.