Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The pattern is called White Chocolate, but in this colorway it reminds me of a Milky Way bar. Yummy either way! I altered the pattern layout and alternated the blocks once I figured out to read the pattern to figure out how many pattern repeats should go across and how many should go down.

I could see that there would be some secondary patterning coming through where the design motifs touch when I had them on the design wall during Silver Thimble Club. But, I never realized how many more I would see when I actually had the entire top put together.

Hubby and I laid it on our bed to check size (will need a brown border to make it big enough and allow for shrinkage from quilting and washing) and to just see how it would look. Hubby took the photo from above (standing on a chair, bless him). First, I saw diagonals emerge across the surface and thought that was pretty cool. It was only when I looked at the photo of the quilt that I noticed the large star that comes out. I love, love, LOVE that!

Shop Hop is this weekend, and while I will go by my two usual quilt shops (one participating, one is not), I will look for good deals, but I am not doing the whole Shop Hop thing. That is too dangerous for my budget this year. I am saving and waiting on tax refund to replace my decrepit sewing machine and I could really put that off if I allowed myself to really "do" Shop Hop. I just don't handle temptation well enough! But, next year is a different story!

Anyway, I need either fabric for the borders or for a new backing and I will use the backing fabric I have for the borders. I also need to get started on finishing up one little girl baby quilt and making one for a baby boy. Then, I will wait to see whether the next little one is a girl or a boy. But, no matter what, this will require a bit of fabric! I am hoping that in the 2,000 new 5 yard fabric bundles that are going to be out at A Scarlet Thread this weekend that I can find something to inspire me!


mindji said...

So very nice Jan! I love seeing the patterns come to life! Love it! So, is this where this quilt will live. I forget the "who fors" for this. I'm with you on temptation for quilt supplies! Just so much out there! Luckily I don't live close to quilting stores! :)

Jan Hatchett said...

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, this one will be a winter quilt for mine and hubby's bed. I knew I would like it, but once I played around with the setting, it was fabulous!