Saturday, March 13, 2010

Macon Quilt Show

Hubby took me down to the Macon Quilt Show. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing for us, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Everyone was wonderful and I even ran into someone that I knew!This is a Welsh Beauty quilt that was on display. I am in awe of the technical expertise in the hand quilting. The stitches were so evenly distributed that it almost looks like it couldn't have been hand done--but it most definitely was! Love the detail and the time and love that went into it. I voted it my "viewer's favorite."

This is the detail of the border swags. Love the little hearts in them!This is the center detail of the Welsh Beauty. Gorgeous! There were several applique quilts of very similar (sometimes identical) patterns. All were lovely, but it was fun to see how each quilter interpreted the pattern, what fabrics she chose, etc. This gorgeous example had a lovely, sun washed red background. The contrast really made this one stand out from the others I saw.This little appliqued beauty is a folksy one. I love the soft colors. It reminds me of a watercolor of a drawing of an English drawing with hollyhocks and just a profusion of blooms in Spring time.The attention to detail in this quilt was amazing! Every point was sharp, every line crisp. Just fantastic!

I can't make this computer work with me today, so, yes, the above photo is sideways. I really hate that. Please take a deep breath, turn your head to the left and gaze at it. It is lovely and truly different from most of the other quilts featured at the show. This one is called A Tree Grows in Gondor.What amazing detail in this quilt! Little sentences, quotations, and stories about trees and leaves and how they benefit us make up the bark of the tree. Between that and the reference to the Lord of the Rings stories, this made DS12 very sure that this was the very best quilt in the whole show!

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