Friday, March 12, 2010

Place your vote!!!

These photos were taken today at Silver Thimble Club. I was trying out some ideas for how to set the blocks in my White Chocolate quilt top. Above is set like the example quilt and picture on the pattern.
This one was an experiment. Hubby and I played around with them one night and couldn't decide if they looked nicer with the light background and dark center or the opposite approach. I tried to alternate the settings and it really is a dramatic look and I kind of like it. However, there are symmetry issues with this layout. I can't put a 5th set of long rows on it to balance out the design. I used a kit and can't get more of the fabrics. I am drawn to the contrast it creates, but I do see the symmetry issue. I just can't decide if it bothers me enough to avoid this setting on this quilt.
I could definitely see myself doing another one in the future with this layout, just planning for the extra long rows to balance it out properly.
A wonderful lady at Silver Thimble suggested that I use the first setting and put a chocolate brown border all around to give it that dark look on the outside edge.
I am open to suggestions!


mindji said...

They both look great! I'm not much one for these kinds of decisions because of a lack of confidence. The top one is more traditional and I like the idea about the chocolate border! Such nice work Jan! So, your Silver Quilting club, is that your guild? If so, what nice design boards for your members!


Jan Hatchett said...

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for your input! I am not great with these decisions either, that's why I put it out for input.

Silver Thimble club is just a club at my quilt shop. We meet once a month for 5 hours with a teacher who is fabulous. I am not in a guild, per se. But, I use my time at Silver Thimble to build my skills.