Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Update on the White Chocolate Quilt...

(or more proof that I am a ding-dong)

After debating for 3 days over layouts and finally deciding that I wanted to go with the more dramatic, alternating colors, I realize that if I place my blocks with 4 units going across, then I am going to have a square quilt. I am supposed to have a bed sized rectangle.

Being terribly confused, a decided to double check the pattern to see what I could have done wrong since I didn't have enough blocks.

What I did wrong was this: I didn't check the pattern! One glance at the front cover of the pattern answered my question. There is only 3 pattern repeats across the quilt and four going down. I had added a horizontal pattern repeat. Hence, I created a symmetry problem that frustrated me horribly and made me not trust my own judgment.

Okay, I can totally see the whole "questioning of the judgment" thing in retrospect, but not in my decision on layout--only on my lack of ability to refer to the pattern when it is helpful!


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