Sunday, March 7, 2010

Uneventful weekend

Other than the huge struggle to get DS12 to let me give him a badly needed haircut, nothing much of note happened this weekend.

Hubby and DS12 went to participate in some bird banding activities.

Hubby and DS13 made and hung a new bluebird box that can be viewed from DS13s bedroom window. This is the first woodworking project that this kiddo has actually participated in fully and not just watched. He is excited to make more. Good, since his Granny and Grandpa really could use more at their house as theirs are falling apart. I am excited that he may find an enjoyable way to learn a few skills.

I began trimming my White Chocolate blocks to see if they are all the same size. Alas, they are not, but several are terribly close. Had to stop half way through that, but....

Got to see two quilt tops that my great aunt made with fabrics from the 40s. My mom finally thinks that my hand quilting might be good enough to let me finish them up so that they can be displayed and not packed away. I am pretty psyched about that. Besides, my mom does fabulous hand work and she doesn't complement that kind of thing lightly. I feel really good about that complement!

I have read term papers until I could scream! Some of them are really, really good this year. I have had far more pleasant surprises than unpleasant ones so far. But, I am only about halfway to two thirds of the way through the first batch. It takes so much time to grade each one. Yuck!

Oh well, off to get ready for a new week.

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