Monday, June 4, 2007

10,000 steps in one day!

Okay, after figuring out that there is a feature on my elliptical trainer that will count backwards from 10,000 steps, and determining that the stride length is set to make those steps the equivalent of a 5 mile walk, I decided that I would use that for my training. At least there are no dogs to bite me in the butt!

Whew! I did it in two bursts of 5,000 steps with a 10 minute water and potty break in the middle. That break sure helps to make sure that my feet don't get too numb from sitting on those pedals. But, it sure is a lot harder than plain ol' walking. This is like doing a jog uphill the whole way. I could hardly walk when I got off of the thing.

Plus, my legs and joints ached as I lay in bed. I got up to eat some strawberries to up my potassium levels and take some alleve so that I wouldn't cramp really badly. After that, I was able to sleep.

We'll see if I can keep it up.

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