Monday, June 11, 2007

Autism in the News

Lately, it seems that Autism is a hot topic in the news. I saw a report on Fox News tonight about the lawsuit that is being heard about the possibility of a link between a vaccine preservative used pre-1999 called thimerosol. Thimerosol contains a significant amount of ethyl mercury.

My oldest received these vaccines. I don't know that the mercury involved caused my son's autism, but I do believe that it could have aggravated certain genetic factors that he carries. I do know from testing that we have had done, that his body holds on to various metals and does not remove them from his system as normally occurs. It has taken a serious amount of detoxification to remove elevated levels of several metals from his body.

Unfortunately, I do not know that we will ever get a straight answer from governmental agencies regarding this issue. Perhaps because they will not want to accept responsibility/liability for their actions. We live in a terribly litigious society. Even if they knew that a small percentage of children would be affected, they would be bankrupted from the resultant lawsuits. In this world, it is unheard of for the public to understand that mistakes happen and that there is often no one to blame. Yet, we work incessantly to place blame instead of working wholeheartedly to solve the problem and identify the underlying issues.

I hereby officially blame this whole Autism mess on the purple speckled, green drooling monster that lives under my bed. And knowing that we have placed blame, we can get on to the real issues.

Enough crap. Figure out the underlying causes so we can get to fixing this mess. Help my son. Give him his whole life back instead of forcing him to rely on a faulty neurology and learning all things by rote. Is it so much to ask that he can walk across an uneven surface without feeling panicky that he could fall? Is it too much to ask that he be able to ride a two-wheeled bike like the other kids? That he could go to camp--not a special camp for Autistic kids, but a real, in the woods, arts and crafts, swimming, fishing, pranking the other cabins type of camp?

Autism sucks. Letting political garbage affect the lives of children sucks more.

Stop it.

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