Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cross-Training and Camp!

To be a little different, I decided to start doing some tapes at home to stay out of the heat and to do some serious ab work (the abs are the worst of my trouble spots right now). The waist is the only thing that is keeping me in Women's sizes right now. Firmer abs means smaller clothes!

On another note, my youngest son was invited to attend a local church camp with his best friend. Unfortunately, we only had 2 days notice about this. So, we have been running around like lunatics getting everything set up and packed. This is his first time to do anthing like this, so I am the worried Mama, but I do want him to have a good time.

One of the drawbacks of having a child with autism (particularly an oldest child) is that it is really easy to forget that the younger child is capable of vastly different things than the older child. I am afraid that I have really (unintentionally) held him back from trying things. For example, my parents taught him how to ride a bike this week. All of his friends from school have been riding bikes for years now. Oops. We also need to work on some other sports related skills. But, now my older child is feeling left out because he struggles so much with these skills. We have offerred to purchase a 3 wheeler type bike and he told us that he wants to ride a bike just like everyone else rides. We will begin trying to help him learn to balance on a bike and maybe (with lots of prayer) he can learn to ride.

Tomorrow, I am walking with Dad. Bright and early. I'd really like to do another 6 mile route, but we will see how time goes with this. I have to be sure that younger son is ready for camp on time. So, I will play it by ear. And try not to cry!

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