Friday, June 22, 2007

The No TV Blues

Well, my autistic son has begun having some troubles, so after a consultation with his psychiatrist (Dr. Eric Fier--absolutely AWESOME!) we have decided to remove all "screen" time (video games, tv, handheld games, etc.) from him to see how that affects him.

So far, the results have been outstanding. He is interacting more and much more observant of different social ques and ways of doing things. Over time, I think this could help his maturity a great deal.

But, he does sorely miss his games and tv. It's not been easy on him (although he is a great deal more pleasant overall). I hope that the pull that these activities have on him will diminish somewhat in time. It would be nice to use a very limited amount of tv or a game as a reward. Or, take the family to a movie together. But, for now, that is out of the question so that he can adjust and (literally) suffer withdrawal symptoms like with any other addiction.

It's so easy for all kids to get way too wrapped up in the "boob tube" and video games. I just wasn't aware of exactly how wrapped up my son got until I took it away and saw for myself the importance that he placed on it.

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