Friday, June 1, 2007


For the past two days, my friend Misty has called me at the crack of dawn and I head over to her house to walk together. It sure goes faster when you have someone to talk to--and we do! It's truly social time as well as time to take care of me. I am loving every minute of it.

Today, we walked 5 miles before it got too hot. I am supposed to walk 6 tomorrow, but I may keep it to 5 until Sunday since I am really feeling my knees. Misty's husband uses Osteo-Bi-Flex and says that it helps him alot. So, I will get some today and see how it goes.

Still hoping to be under 200 lbs. for my anniversary. 12 days, including today. Hoping that I can make it. This it the first short term goal that I have set for myself and it will stink horribly if I don't make it.

Well, time to take a quick shower and go grocery shopping. Got a huge bag of hand me downs from Misty (her fat clothes, my skinny clothes!). Can't wait to dig through and see what works. Yipee!

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