Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hail, Fire, and Brimstone

Well, happy anniversary to me. Hubby and I went out to celebrate 20 years. An evening out that didn't involve running a few errands after a rushed dinner. No kiddos. Hand holding, etc.

Okay, dinner and a movie is probably not considered a dramatic event for a 20th wedding anniversary, but it works for us. I did design and print a large print of a photo that hubby had taken and had it framed for over the mantle. Oddly, for a photographer and family, we had a shocking few examples of his work around. He really seemed to appreciate it. Go figure.

So, we went to a lovely Japanese restaurant and hibachi grill in McDonough and from there went to see Spiderman 3. Well, we got to see half of it. More or less. By the time that the winds began whipping around the building and the hail was pelting the metal security door in a vertical trajectory, it became hard to even hear the movie, much less pay attention to it.

We were evacuated to the commons area of the facility so that they could monitor where everyone was. The commons area is floor to (elevated) ceiling windows--WINDOWS!!! The reason they gave us for making us leave the individual theater we were in was because of the TORNADO WARNING. Okay, for some crazy reason I don't think that an adult came up with this plan. Personally, they should have herded everyone into a single (windowless) theater so that in the event of a real weather emergency, we would have been protected from glass (a' la shrapnel) travelling at high velocity. But, I digress...

So, we did manage to have an anniversary celebration that was unlike the 19 that we had previously held. This is the first time to watch half a movie and listen to lots of unsupervised teens screaming uplifting and encouraging things like, "We're all gonna' die!" in front of the poor children that came to the movies with parents. No amount of snuggling with Mama or Daddy could keep those kids from hearing those comments and from their reactions, they didn't see it as dark humor. Poor kids.

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