Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blackberries, yum!

Today, I got to pick the first of our blackberries that have ripened. I probably got around 1.5 cups worth of small, sweet berries. This is only the beginning as there were many more that I wasn't prepared to dig for and so many unripened ones that I imagine that in a week we will be innundated!

This is such a blessing considering it is a wild bush that has just popped up on its own at the very end of our driveway. We are going to move it after the fruit ripens because if the county mowers come by, they will mow it down.

Another bush is popping up in the backyard as well. Hopefully we will be able to place both bushes in a good place to have a bit of a thicket. That means more berries each and every year! Not bad for volunteer bushes!!! Thank God for the bounty!

After sampling, I froze the remainder of the berries. I will keep adding to them until I have enough to make a couple of batches of jelly or jam. Then, if I have more, we'll have blackberry syrup for pancakes and gifts.

The homemade preserves I made from free pears last year were great gifts that everyone seems to love. A couple of people have asked to buy some. I was totally blown away! Now, if the pears come through we'll have both pear and blackberries to work with. I love the free fruit. It's the start of a fabulously frugal holiday season! Love that part.

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