Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Fun!

I have been determined to squeeze in some summer fun with the boys before my upcoming surgery. So, to that end, a friend of mine and her daughter invited us to go to the local water park. We agreed and had an absolutely lovely time.

We had a tailgate picnic before we went inside. Then we slathered on so much sunscreen that my friend joked that she was embarrassed to be seen with us! Then it was to the water!!!

The kids laughed and played and joked around. It was so much fun to watch them carrying on. DS12 (my aspie) asked a friend to join us--that was a major first! So, he was on cloud nine!!!

DS11 played with my friend's daughter and they tried to wear each other out--big time! I have some pics on my phone, but I haven't figured out how to transfer them yet. I'll post them if I ever get it figured out!

I even took my 41 year old tail down my first water slide!!! Okay, it wasn't all that and I banged up my ankle (on the bad foot of course) pretty good. But, the kids were thrilled that I did it. That part was worth it. Way worth it!

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